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All Nighter

by On Parchment

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Living by the glow of a lighter
Sparking a fire
Pulling an all nighter

About 24 hours ago, I should've had my head
Resting up against a pillow
But now I'm getting so stressed
And I know, I know it's because I was
getting jiggy with the beats
long after the cow had come home
Was there a cat in the room a second ago?
I know I saw that sucker, where did he go?
My mind is playing tricks on me again and I know
It's cuz the vertigo is in my veins
And my mind is running slow
Computational errors abound
I'm losing solid ground
Honestly I'm astounded my sanity is still around
And these sounds that are pumping through my speakers
Make me weaker by the second
Shouting threats at my shaky hands like a tweaker
With the flick of a bic reminisce over hours passed
That I'll never get back, balls of paper in the trash
And a slap on the wrists to myself I'll be dealing
Losing sleep over hip-hop beats has me reeling

Living by the glow of a lighter
Sparking a fire
Pulling an all nighter

4:06 to be exact
"don't panic" the clock says, stifling a laugh
i throw a "what?" into the atmosphere, wanting an answer back
and the silence replies with a "we'll have none of that"
its back to the bright light spilling from the monitors
halting the darkness brought to soften my stolid nerves
fingers practice heavy petting on the melody
but her timbre is telling me that her mood has diminished steadily
the jolts taking residence in the motion of my key strokes
have only served to jettison her openness, my strings broke
the cursor giggles at the words i've yet to scribble
blinkin' out a steady riddle like, "that's you're finest quibble?"
and in the most eloquent configuration i could muster, threw
my hands at the keyboard, bangin' out a "fuck you, too"
and that was when i captured it, encapsulated, snatch the pen
my deprivation mastered when i snapped and let the laughter in

Living by the glow of a lighter
Sparking a fire
Pulling an all nighter


released April 11, 2013


all rights reserved



On Parchment Tampa, Florida

"You're supposed to close your eyes and write until the pen writes itself, until every word is truth and every thought is spent on parchment."

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