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by On Parchment

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It's the summer of my love, little darlin
But I feel like should cry
Take visit to the graveyard
where all the robots go to die
And every time I look down at the crumpled up pile
I start to feel a little more dead inside
And I swear I can feel my skin start to rot
Like the rust that tears away at their cold, metal eyes
No flies are drawn to their corpses
No carriage drawn to their burial plot with horses
Like the forces at hand that decompose
It's inevitable, I should have seen it coming, I suppose
And it's funny, for a second I was guessing
they would find the evidence on my person before my flesh would erode
But after staring at the scraps
Day after day
I realized I could bury myself and nobody would know
Their minds were so fast but they died so slow
I'm signing my epitaph in binary code
I'm merely a creature of the flesh, and the decay
of this mass of mechanized mortality makes my hear want to implode
Don't give me that blind faith bullshit
Look at the carnage and try and tell me I don't know
This life is a fucking blender, a grinder,
our lives are all a shamble and I'm caught up in the throes
It's a shame and I guess I shouldn't have done what I did
I keep telling myself over and over "She was just a kid."
But I refuse to make apologies for how I chose to live
I reach into my pocket, carress the blade of the shiv
There has to be equality in this situation
I'm weeping in my soul for the one that I couldn't give
It's killing me, so killing me is the only solution
Ima die by the metal that gave birth to my sin

Push in, bleed out
You must trust the rust will turn us to dust

Silence. That's all that will be left. That's all that will remain
after it's over. And it's sad. But it won't be sad when it comes.
The rust will make the chain break, and with it, our doom or our
salvation will rush over us, heads tilted towards the epicenter,
hands raised high.

Tear away at my bones
Tear away at my flesh
Tear it all away
Rust, rust, rust, rust
Make me whole again
Like my metal friends
Take my soul away
Rust, rust, rust, rust


released April 11, 2013


all rights reserved



On Parchment Tampa, Florida

"You're supposed to close your eyes and write until the pen writes itself, until every word is truth and every thought is spent on parchment."

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